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Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m interested in hiring you to do an illustration, who should I contact, you or your art rep?
If you have questions about my work, or if a particular job would be a good fit, please email either one of us, or both!    Any questions about pricing I’ll probably forward on to my art rep, as she deals with all that businessy stuff.  🙂  Check the contact section for how to reach either of us.

I’m interested in having you illustrate a children’s book I’ve written, where do we go from here?.

If you are looking to shop your manuscript to publishers, believe it or not, you’re probably better off not having someone illustrate your story before you submit it. Most publishers want to be the ones to match up illustrators with the authors, and they have their own art directors and design staff as well. Here are some great articles all about this.

If you are self-publishing, you can contact my art rep (check the “Contact” section) and she can work up a cost estimate, etc.  Unfortunately professional illustration can often cost more than what is feasible for an individual.  If this is a personal project on a very restricted budget, exploring the use of art college students is an avenue to look at as well

Where can I find out more information on publishing children’s books?

Here are some great websites that provide some very good information on getting your kid’s books published.

How much do you charge?
A lot of different factors go into illustration pricing, from how long it will take, to what it will be used for, to what rights are being bought.  All of the pricing for my illustrations is handled by my artist representative.  That way I don’t have to worry about it and can just create.  🙂     Feel free to email her ( or call her (206-447-1600) with details on your project and she’ll work up an estimate for you.

What software do you use?
The 3d program I use most is Maya.  I also use Photoshop and Painter for 2d work, painting, texturing, and touch up.